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Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Blog 

A brief insight into the activities and challenges encountered by an active cleaning company in Leicester


The team had an extremely busy day planned for today, travelling out to South Witham to clean this beautiful 5 bedroom property.

The job involved an entire property clean, in addition to oven clean and carpet cleaning works. Replace light bulbs, remove scuff marks to walls, window cleaning to interior and exterior glass. 


Deep Kitchen and Oven Clean

Today the team were busy performing a deep clean of a customers Kitchen in preparation for the property to be let out to new tenants.


The team are busy carrying out our scheduled works at the premises of commercial customers across Leicester and Leicestershire.


Two Bedroom Apartment Oven Clean and Carpet Cleaning Service 

Today we visited a customer for oven clean and carpet cleaning works. The property was a 2-bedroom flat in the centre of Leicester, despite there being no parking close by the team were able to access the property on foot with their oven cleaning and carpet cleaning equipment, meeting the customer outside of the apartment block. Both the carpet cleaning and oven cleaning works went according to plan with a comprehensive professional clean which included:

Oven, Hob and Extractor Clean
Removal of oven door to gain access to inner recessed channels where food debris gathers
Strip down the oven glass to clean inside and outside surfaces.
Removal and steam clean oven shelves
complete internal oven and hob clean with specialist environmentally friendly cleaning products

Carpet Cleaning
The carpet was a brown nylon short pile carpet, a very easy carpet to clean. The carpet was pre-vacuumed, then a pet and child safe pre-spray solution was used with agitation to work the cleaning solution into the pile. Then a hot water extraction process was used to remove all cleaning solution from the carpet, leaving it almost dry.

The customer was extremely happy with the work we carried out and paid conveniently via our automated online payment feature which is included on all of our online invoices.


Today the team were busy cleaning a customer lounge dining room carpet.


Commercial Cleaning Contracts

The team are busy carrying out our scheduled works at the premises of commercial customers across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Blog 


5 Bedroom End of Tenancy Cleaning Works Leicester

A. Entrance Hall
Solid oak polished floorboards.
1. One bulb not working in cream-coloured uplighter to right of front door.
2. Single spotlight bulb not working in gold coloured ceiling mounted fixture.
3. Small scuff mark visible at low level below intruder alarm keypad.
4. Floor has un-polished appearance and requires further cleaning in places.
B. Kitchen •
• Windowsill facing sink unit has several small paint chips visible along with minor starches and scuffs.
• Staining visible within [sink] basins and base of tap is slightly grubby. 5. Cobwebs are visible surrounding beam and in corner of room above interior door.
6. Ceiling mounted light with capsule bulb not working.
7. Grey vertical blinds over patio door has animal fur visible at low-level on blind slats and stain at low-level to left.
8. Small scuff marks on wall at low level below left-hand side metal curtain tieback.
9. Tiles have dried on white cleaning product residue to left.
10. Radiator below window requires wipe down.
11. Smaller radiator appears grubby and dusty at top.
12. Skirting boards appear dusty in places and several grubby type splash marks visible surrounding skirting next to patio doors.
13. Windowsill facing sink has green metal stains visible.

14. Dark grey resin sink unit requires further cleaning, waste pipe has hairs and string visible.
15. Small green stain is visible on shelf of single unit below the sink unit.
16. Mildew spots are visible on front of freezer doors.
17. Food is visible in base of dishwasher.
18. Grease is visible on pan-stands and surrounding gas hobs.
19. Base of right-hand side of oven has rust marks visible.
20. Oven has cleaned appearance however would benefit from a further wipe down.
C. Utility Room 21. Small brown splash marks are visible on middle slat of blind to right hand side.
22. Several scuff marks visible above tall unit at entrance.
23. Faint grubby marks visible at low level to left of radiator.
24. Wall beneath worktop has smudged discoloured marks visible.
25. Front laminate strip and base of single unit at front, beneath sink unit appears morphed and water damaged.
26. Light bulbs referenced inventory are not present within room.
27. Side panel of tall unit appears water damaged at low level.
D. Downstairs Toilet 28. Minor cobwebs visible.
29. One halogen spotlight bulb not working.
30. Thermostat is dusty.
31. Barely visible grubby marks on door frame at mid-level.
32. Skirting board appears dusty to right of radiator.
33. Taps are grubby surrounding base and surrounding waste pipe within basin.
34. Further cleaning required within base of toilet bowl.
35. White and stainless-steel toilet brush referenced inventory is no longer present within room.
E. Reception 1 36. Curtains are no longer present within room and have been moved to Bedroom 1.
37. Four small blue-tac type stains are visible above radiator.
38. Several small faint circular stains and further wear and tear to carpet pile in centre.
39. Cobwebs are visible on interior door frame at upper level.
40. One power socket next to television point has cleaning product visible.
F. Lounge 41. Curtains are no longer present within room and have been moved to Bedroom 1.
42. Several small cobwebs surrounding wooden beam above log burner.
43. Surface scratches visible facing front window.
44. Cobwebs visible at upper level of interior door frame.
G. Stairs & Landing 45. Cobwebs are visible surrounding wooden beams.
46. Two bulbs not working on antique chandelier style light.
47. Approximately 10 cm long pink scuff at mid-level on stair elevation leading up to right-hand side landing.
48. Carpet appears flattened with further small stain marks visible at base of stair elevation.
49. Windowsills require a wipe down.
50. Several small cobwebs surrounding UPVC window frames.
51. Several smaller barely visible scuffs on skirting boards.
H. Bedroom 1 52. Several small white marks visible surrounding handle on door exterior.
53. Curtains from downstairs Reception 1 and Lounge are now in bedroom.
54. Carpet requires vacuuming and further furniture indents are visible.
55. Skirting boards are slightly dusty in places.
I. Dressing Room 56. Shutters appear slightly dusty.
57. Cobwebs visible above built-in cupboards.
58. Floor appears dusty in corners.
59. Windowsill appears dusty and requires wipe down.
60. Hair is visible within top drawer of dressing table.
61. Dusty surrounding edges at bottom of dressing table.
J. Bedroom 1
Ensuite Bathroom 62. Panels on door interior are dusty in corners.
63. White plastic hook is visible above toilet.
64. Tiles above wash basin require wipe down.
65. Small rust mark visible on tile within shower unit next to flexi-hose.
66. Mirror requires further cleaning.
67. Floor requires further cleaning.
68. Splash marks visible on heated towel rail.
69. Wash basin requires further cleaning.
70. Metal plug chain is detached from metal hook on wash basin.
71. Bath waste pipe requires cleaning.
72. White resin shower tray requires further cleaning and appears grubby surrounding edges.
73. Tempered glass shower panels are water stained at low level.
74. Chrome shower controls, flexi-hose and shower head require cleaning.
K. Bedroom 2 75. Several faint grubby marks surrounding handle on interior.
76. Condensation is visible in top left glass pane.
77. Several patchy marks next to [ceiling] light dependent.
L. Bedroom 2
Ensuite Bathroom 78. Shower waste pipe is tarnished.
M Bedroom 3 79. Small white paint marks at low-level of door on exterior next to hinge.
80. Cream coloured leaf pattern shade is missing.
81. Multiple small scuff marks visible on wall above double power socket, next to thermostat of radiator and faint mark above single light switch.
82. Carpet requires vacuuming.
83. Doorframe has additional wood cracks visible.
84. Skirting boards have additional scuffs and dust visible.
N. Bedroom 3
Ensuite Bathroom 85. Toilet roll holder is loose.
86. Several small grubby marks visible on skirting boards in between wash basin and toilet.
87. Wash basin waste [pipe] is tarnished.
88. Bath appears dusty in base and grubby surrounding waste pipe.
O. Bedroom 4 89. Several small cobwebs visible surrounding edges.
90. Small circular orange stain next to bathroom door.
91. Several small grubby splash marks visible  “Heating” = radiator?
92. Skirting boards appear dusty and several small scuff marks and chips visible.
93. Several small grubby marks visible on cupboard door exterior and carpet requires vacuuming within this.
P. Bedroom 4
Ensuite Bedroom 94. Small cobwebs visible in bottom corner [of window].
95. Shutters appear slightly dusty.
96. Several very small cobwebs visible [on ceiling].
97. Tiles surrounding shower require further cleaning and water stains are visible.
98. White spot marks are visible on floor at base of wash basin.
99. Doorframe on interior at low-level has several small splash marks visible.
100. Grubby splash marks visible on skirting boards in several locations.
101. Windowsill behind shutters appears dusty and several dead flies are visible. 

Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Blog 

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Miles Better Cleaning Company Leicester are professional cleaning and hygiene specialists covering Leicester and all outlying areas.

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